Thursday, April 05, 2012

New on OsirisNet: Menna TT69

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One of my very favourite websites has now been updated with a section on the tomb of Menna (TT69) in the Valley of Nobles.  As usual the excellent descriptions are accompanied by diagrams, maps, illustrations and photographs. 
The tomb of Menna (TT69) is located in the necropolis of Sheikh Abd el-Qurna (see the location plans below), in the part known as the "upper enclosure". TT69 is one of a group of tombs which date to the end of the reign of Thutmoses IV and the beginning of the reign of Amenhetep III. This group includes the tombs of Nakht (TT52) and Djeserkareseneb (TT38). Although Menna calls himself "The eyes of the King in every place", the name of the actual king is not known, as no name is mentioned in the texts. The chapel provides an irreplaceable directory of scenes of everyday life and of funerary customs for all the publications on Egyptian art.

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