Thursday, April 05, 2012

Now online: Egyptological Edition 5, April 2012

Editorial: Egyptological Magazine Edition 5:

Egyptologically Speaking: An Interview with Joyce Tyldesley (Interview by Barbara O'Neill)
Ancient Egyptian Religion, Part 5 — The Mansion of Millions of Years (Brian Alm)
Life on Mars: The Gilf Kebir, Zerzura and the Cave of Swimmers (Andrea Byrnes)
Arthur Weigall: A Man Out of Time – Part 2 (Garry Beuk)
Sleep and the Sleeping in Ancient Egypt (Barbara O'Neill)
The Birth Bower and Mamissi-Chapels in Ancient Egypt (Kate Phizackerley)

Documentary Review: The Man Who Discovered Egypt
Book Review: A Companion to Ancient Egypt
Book Review: Egyptian Myth – A Very Short Introduction
Book Review: Guide to the Valley of the Kings by Alberto Siliotti
Book Review: The Discovery of Tutankhamun’s Tomb and Tutankhamun’s Tomb: the Thrill of Discovery
Book Review: The Oases. Egypt Pocket Guide.

Album: Valley of the Kings from the Theban Hills – Part 2
Album: The Mestekawi-Foggini Cave, Gilf Kebir

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