Sunday, April 07, 2013

Egyptology News for 7th April 2013

Copied from today's Twitter posts @egyptologynews.

Predynastic Comb. Nubia Museum, Aswan

Missed this BBC video whilst away: smugglers have been digging underground tunnels to find archaeological treasures.  

Khaled Fahmy compares palaces in Italy, Scotland and Egypt and laments the condition of those in Egypt. Ahram Online  

Seminario Internacional sobre los templos de los Millones de Años de la ribera Oeste de Tebas. AEDE  

Petition: Urgent call to stop the pillaging of Egypt's heritage.  

My most successful Photoshop cut-out to date. The lovely Ashmolean Museum head of Sobek. I took the photo last year.  

Sad piece re Egypt's neglected public and historic gardens and parks. L’agonie d’une splendeur fanée. Al Ahram Hebdo  

Newsletter for the March season of the Amarna Project 2013. I've posted the email update on Egyptology News  

A restored historical neighborhood in Cairo might fall into disarray. Egypt Independent  

Jean-Luc Martinez is the new boss of the Louvre and a number of the museum’s projects. Daily Star Lebanon  

Archaeology and Cultural Heritage in Egypt after Mubarak. The Ancient Near East Today  

Happy Birthday, curse of Tutankhamun. Live Science  

More re Egypt's dollar-a-night fundraising scheme to secure build of Grand Egyptian Museum. Al Arabiya  

Nice post re co-existence of Nile-side and nomadic populations. Challenges tradition of purely north-south corridor.


Anonymous said...

Not surprising that the public parks are not being maintained in Egypt. What has not been reported is the plight of the donkeys and horses. With money tight, you can be sure that their food supply will be cut. The poor animals hardly got enough to eat before. The horses that pull the tourists
about are not unharnessed at night and are forced to 'sleep' standing up. I never take this transport. Go visit the Animal Hospital in Luxor and you never will either!!

Andie said...

Actually there was an article a few weeks ago there about the neglect of horses pulling caleches in Luxor, warning tourists to check the condition of the horses before they hired one because some of them were clearly being half starved.