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Egyptology News from 23rd March to 6th April 2013

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Sobek, Ashmolean Museum

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Using Inscriptions from the Antiquities Market: Polarized Positions and Pragmatic Proposals |

Museums should engage tourists with content rather than brand for the sake of themselves and the sector. The Guardian

In French: British Council seminar shows the role played by the Delta in Egypt at different times. Hebdo Ahram Online

New Book: Icons of Power – Revelations though ancient Egyptian art, Anthony Spalinger, Charles Univ. Scoop NZ

Aidan Dodson, President of the EES: "L’Egypte risque de perdre une partie de son histoire" Hebdo Ahram Online

A new interactive map of the ancient Mediterranean

Job: The EES is looking for a new Fieldwork & Engagement Manager to bethe Society's main representative in Egypt.

Significant evidence of 17th Dynasty found by Djehuty Project in Luxor. EurekAlert  and PhysOrg

Rus Gant, Giza 3D and George Reisnser’s Legacy: An Em Hotep – Pyramidales Interview.

Museums Association survey of UK public attitude to museums suggests they are some of the most trusted organisations

New Book: "Jean-François Champollion. Notice descriptive des monuments égyptiens du musée Charles X." Kheops

Freemasons and Ancient Egypt at Kensal Green Cemetery, London.

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A chronology (with posters) of every temporary exhibition @britishmuseum 1838-2012

Free online: The failed reforms of Akhenaten and Muwatalli. Itamar Singer. BMSAES, 6 (2006), 37-58 @historyancient

Off-topic "The life of man: solitary, poore, nasty, brutish, and short". Thomas Hobbes, born today 1588. History Today

Pre-healthcare modern Egypt. With help on hand from health barbers and folk healers, health aid was never far away

Summary of Aidan Dodson's lecture at the AUC on the royal family after the death of Ramses II. Daily News Egypt

Exhibition: "Echoes of Egypt:Conjuring the Land of the Pharaohs" at Yale Peabody Museum. With photos.

Farro or emmer wheat, once a staple in AE being cultivated once again. Offers an insight into its uses. Oxford Press

Forthcoming: Foreigners and Egyptians in the Late Egyptian Stories, Camilla Di Biase-Dyson. Brill

New Book: The Life of J.D. Åkerblad, Egyptian Decipherment and Orientalism in Revolutionary Times, F.Thomasson. Brill

In Spanish: Egypt to ask tourists to donate a dollar for each night spent in Egypt to fund Grand Museum. Vanguardia

Curse of Tutankhamun, 90 years on. Past Horizons

New project explores influence of Egyptian archaeological finds in sculpture 1907 to 1939 and Petrie's responses. UCL

Elimination of Mubarak's police services left aan open invitation to trespass without fear of reprisal. USA Today

Curator's Choice: Amber Druce picks a tomb painting from Pharaoh Reborn. Culture24

Archaeologists Uncover Rare Leather from Ancient Egyptian Chariot. AUC Egypt

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New book L'Egypte Dessinee by B Cassiers on 18/19/20th cen artists who painted Eg monuments w new works by the author

Russian photographer apologizes for climbing Great Pyramid of Giza (with photos). NY Daily News

China specialist Prof Anthony Barbieri-Low receives Mellon New Directions Fellowship to research Egypt. Noozhawk

90th anniversary of the curse of Tutankhamen – how a modern myth was born. Univ Manchester

Manchester Mus holds 2 important objects that provide evidence for use of masks in ancient Egypt. Manchester Museum

Reassembling of the Two Colossi of Amenhotep III at North Gate of his Funerary Temple, West Bank, Luxor.. Luxor Times

Site Management plan for the Colossi of Memnon and Amenhotep III mortuary temple project. Luxor Times

Article re recent conference. Thonis-Heracleion, sunken gateway to Egypt in 1st mill.BC. With photos. Past Horizons

Update from the Tell Basta Project

Object biography #12: A wooden shabti of King Seti I ( by Campbell Price. Manchester Museum

New book on Cleopatra argues that the “Queen of Kings” did not take her own life. Smithsonian Mag

Birds in ancient Egyptian society: some brief notes. Joyce Filer's blog

Part 2 of Dean Kalimniou's look at the Greek connection in Sudan, focusing on the survival of the Greek language

Part one of Dean Kalimniou's look at the Greek connection in Sudan

Progress by the EES Minufiyeh Survey team in the Delta

Interview re new book: The Archaeology of Race – The Eugenic Ideas of Francis Galton and Flinders Petrie. UCL

Ancient Kingdoms in the land of war - the archaeology of Sudan. New York Times

With security ebbing and prices rising, the sustained drop-off in Egypt tourism has hurt the impoverished. NY Times

Djehuty Project: Arqueólogos españoles descubren en Dra Abu el-Naga, Luxor, cuatro tumbas de la dinastía XVII.

La campaña 2013 de excavaciones de la UJA, Asuán, constata la complejidad de la estructura de las tumbas. europapress

Book review by Tim Reid: Mummies: Death and Life in Ancient Egypt, James Hamilton-Paterson and Carol Andrews, Penguin

Egypt revolution brings golden age for tomb raiders.

EES Delta Survey dig diary is being started up again for the new season

Priceless Egyptian treasures feared destroyed in Cuming Museum (South London) museum fire.

New York Prosecutors Seek to Forfeit Ancient Egyptian Artifacts. Cultural Heritage Lawyer

Site of Al Bordan site destroyed by illegal construction in spite of intervention by police and archaeologists.

Travel. Siwa, the field of trees. With photos. Alrahalah …

It's a boy: Albany museum's mummy's true identity revealed.

Seizure of 5 Egyptian artifacts dating back to 2,000 B.C. on their way from Dubai to a Michigan antique dealer.

2,400-Year-Old Myths of Mummy-Making Busted

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