Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Egyptology Portal Updated
I have updated my Egyptology Portal - every link has been checked, some have been updated, some have been added and a really sad number have been removed because the links are broken. I will try and find some of them again, in case they have moved, but not immediately. Unfortunately, a number of them were from the Predynastic page - which along with the Geology page is one of the pages that could least afford to lose good content. I have added several new links to the "sites" page.

Help requested: I am going to update the entire Portal site, which is looking a bit sparse, over the next few weeks. Please, if you have any sites from any period and in any of the site's categories that you can recommend, send me the links - I would like to make this a far more useful resource than it is at present. Similarly, if you have ideas for different categories or other changes, let me know. Please email me at:

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