Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Hibis Restoration (Kharga Oasis)
The Late Period site of Hibis in Kharga Oasis, which has been under scaffolding for years, and is one of the few sites with significant Persian input, is going to be moved 500m from its current location due to groundwater damage, possibly caused by local irrigation. A company from Wales (UK) called Cintec International has been chosen to do the work required: "The company is using a system which it says will leave no visible change to the temple's outward appearance. Cintec has work on 10 mosques and maqaads, or pillared rooms, in historic parts of the Egyptian capital Cairo . . . . The Cintec system involves injecting a special cement grout into a steel "anchor" section in a mesh fabric sleeve. The flexible sleeve expands and moulds itself into the shape and spaces within the walls to support the building. ". See the article for more. Thanks to Jimmy Dunn for forwarding this item to me.

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