Friday, September 30, 2005

How Do You Take Your Tut?
An article taking an uncompromsing look at the recent discussions about whether the Ancient Eygptians were black or white. Written by Jim Jordan, and entitled How Do You Take Your Tut, Black or with Cream and Sugar? this is an articulate piece, but it is not going to please everyone: "King Tut's coming to Fort Lauderdale's Museum of Art in December, and he won't be alone. There is a coterie of 'African scholars' and black activists who will be protesting the appearance of the boy king. You see the ex-Pharaoh's portrait doesn't look enough like Kanye West. King Tut appears in a medium skin tone as scientists chose the most common skin color in Eqypt today. According to the so-called scholars Tut was black".

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