Saturday, April 08, 2006

Saturday Trivia

Lost dinosaurs of Egypt
I've sneaked this in because it's a low news day, and there's not even much trivia around this week. This is an article about the rediscovery of some prewar photographs of the holotype Spinosaurus aegyptiacus, discovered by Ernst Stromer, the remains of which were kept in the Palaontologische Staatssammlung Munchen and thought to have been lost in the Allied bombing. It also looks at the more recent work of Josh Smith, who followed in Stromer's footsteps to Bahariya Oasis and found other dinosaur remains while attempting to discover Stromer's original site. For the full story see the above URL.

Oasis review
A favourable review of a mouse-click PC game: "The year is 2995 B.C., and you are a brave Egyptian prince with quite a to-do list. Aside from the normal princely duties, you must avenge your father's death, clear the unusual fog that has settled over the land, populate villages with troops, defend your country from invading barbarians, civilize your people by introducing them to industry (like road-building and mining), search for hidden treasures, and discover an appropriate amount of glyphs so that you can be considered for the coveted job of Pharaoh. It probably all sounds pretty exhausting, but fear not. In Playfirst's Oasis, you can conquer Egypt and take the reigns as Pharaoh all from the comfort of your desk chair." See the above page for the rest of the review

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