Friday, April 07, 2006

Work begins on UCLA Encyclopedia of Egyptology
Following in the footsteps of the Lexikon der Ägyptologie, an encyclopedia which was published over a period of 30 years, the last edition of which was published in 1992, UCLA is planning a new online Encyclopaedia of Egyptology. The team is fronted by Professor Willeke Wendrich, Professor John Baines and Jacco Dielman: "By 2008, Wendrich, Dieleman, and John Baines, a professor of Egyptology at Oxford University, plan to create a new Egyptology encyclopedia in a whole new medium. The online UCLA Encyclopedia of Egyptology (UEE) will be easy to update, easy to search, and illustrated with images, 3-D views of ancient cities and sites, and interactive maps. Dieleman, a philologist in the Department of Near Eastern Languages, says the project is informed by the search functionality of Google and the constant updates of Wikipedia."
Great to see digital media being used so positively. See the above article for the full story.

The project's official home page is here:
Sample pages of how the Encyclopaedia will look and work can be found on the site at:

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