Monday, March 15, 2010

KV63 Dig Diary updated

KV-63 (Otto Schaden)

A report for the end of the current season at KV63, with the heading "Otto's Dig (less) Diary *KV-63 excavation complete". There are several paragraphs to the post. Here's a short extract:

Coffin A was made for a Royal Nurse named Iny, as reported at the end of last season. However, we noticed some additional decoration and so we have been examining other parts of the lid and box in the hope of reassembling more connected texts on the cross bands. Only one cross band was legible and it translates as “Revered, may I see Re in the sky and drink from the pool….”. This unusual statement and the lack of mention of the traditional deities led us to suggest that Iny flourished during the Akhenaton era. It is unlike we can recover much more of the cross bands in the last few days of this season, but we will continue to gain as much data on the texts and decoration of Coffin A as is possible.

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