Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Blog updates

Thanks a million to everyone who emailed with news items whilst I was away. I have now read all the emails and on the posts below you fill find a round up of the news stories that were waiting in my Inbox. I still haven't been through my RSS aggregator or my Alerts yet, so there will probably be more to come over the next couple of days.

I've taken down the off-topic comments about BTFon and Adobe (job done - feelings vented!) but for anyone interested in the outcome of the Adobe saga, there hasn't been one - still not a sound from Adobe. I'm going to wait until I'm back in London and try to tackle the issue by telephone. Oh joy of joys.



Anonymous said...

Hi Andie,

what's up with your Adobe-Odyssey?

Have you already tried this "solution"?

Best regards

Andie said...

Hi Homer

I didn't sort it out. I ought to have had the sheer moral strength to take them on but in the end I uninstalled CS2 and installed a copy of CS3 instead.

I originally chose not to install CS3 on the new laptp because it was horribly unreliable (something else that I was planning to moan to Adobe about). But so far it seems to be working fine on the new laptop. Perhaps it just hated my old Sony Vaio.

I have bookmarked your link for future reference - many thanks for sending it!