Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Discoveries at Tanis, and a need for sponsorship

Tanis/ San el-Hagar website
From Charlotte Lejeune

I have some news from the new lake of Mut, in Tanis (San el-hagar, Egypt).

I belong to the Tanis French mission (MFFT). After many years looking for the lake at the Mut temple, it finally appeared. And even if I was not there to participate in the discovery, I am very happy it finally occurred.

There is the link to our web site: .

We had our meeting a week ago, and our chief, Phillipe Brissaud, explained field issues we are facing dealing with the discovery of engraved and painted limestone blocks in the lake of Mut's Temple. However, amongst all of these issues, there lies an even bigger problem, a lack of financial resources, a.k.a. sponsorship.

This is the object of my mail today. Our website has been updated concerning the sponsorship of these blocks to help us excavate, study, and better protect them from the Delta climate.

So far, only 20 of these blocks have been photographed; but we are expecting hundreds more as the excavation continues. You can find much about these blocks in our online report.

We encourage you to forward this notice to all who might be interested.

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