Thursday, April 08, 2010

More on locating Userkare's lost pyramid

Talking Pyramids (Vincent Brown)

With diagrams.

Vincent has done an excellent summary and analysis of the recently reported attempts to discover the pyramid of Userkare at Saqqara.

The location of the lost pyramid of Userkare may have been found with a little help from Djoser and some clever aligning.

Professor of archaeoastronomy at Milan’s Polytechnic University, Giulio Magli has come up with a theory using new astronomical and topographical research to create a grid that connects up some of the major pyramids at Saqqara and South Saqqara.

Following on the heels of his announcement last year that the pyramids of Giza form a line aligned with Heliopolis, the professor is now tackling the search for the 4,300 tomb of the mysterious king Userkare.

You Tube

There's a video report showing Dr Vasko Dobrev talking about the research project on You Tube. It has some lovely footage of Saqqara, and a lot of useful information. It has subtitles in English if you want to watch it with the volume disabled. Just over four minutes in duration.

Dr Vasko (or Vassil) Dobrev explains his search for the tomb of Userkare - a Sixth Dynasty Pharaoh who ruled between the reign of Teti and Pepi I. In the video, Dr Dobrev explains that Egypt was in a power limbo after the assassination of Teti, until Userkare came to bring peace and restore order. He is excavating a site at Saqqara South where his team have so far covered a fifth of a hectare, out of a 15 hectare plateau. Dr Dobrev shows us in this video what he has found so far at the Tabbet al-Guech site, and some insight into the world of archaeology.

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