Thursday, April 08, 2010

Reports on research in Faiyum (prehistory) available online

UCLA Cotsen Institute of Archaeology

Both articles in the piece below are available in PDF format free of charge. If you think that you may want to refer to them again in the future I recommend that you save them. You never know how long articles will be available online.

Two new articles on the research done by Willeke Wendrich and Hans Barnard at the Fayum Oasis in Egypt have been published in scientific journals.

The first article, in the current issue of Antiquity, "Identifying low-level food producers: detecting mobility from lithics" can be read here.

The second article, from the journal Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B, "Dating stratiļ¬ed settlement sites at Kom K and Kom W: Fifth millennium BCE radiocarbon ages for the Fayum Neolithic," is available here.

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