Tuesday, June 15, 2010

EES Fundraising Initiative

Egypt Exploration Society

The EES have been considering how best to develop the work and ambitions of the EES, with particular regard to fundraising. The loss fo their British Academy Grant, which was the main source of their income for over 60 years was devestating but the EES have remained boyant. It is planned that the appointment of a new development director, Victoria Anstey, will expand the EES's donor base and improve income generation. In only two weeks she was able to identify a number of areas for improvement and it is expected that she will be able to make a real difference to the future fortunes of the EES.

If you are interested in the work of the EES and are not already a member, now would be a good time to consider joining. There are many benefits which you can see here. I am a member, receive their magazine and journal, have been to their study days and am attending a landmark conference at the moment and strongly support their cause, which a common cause for anyone interested in the impartial promotion of independent research and the advancement of knowledge in Egypt. As a member you may also be able to help with the new fundraising initiatives.

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