Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Petrie Museum closure and access difficulties

Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology (same URL, new website design)
Friends of the Petrie

UCL is continuing work on Malet Place this summer, reinstating the Victorian gates at the entrance and resurfacing. It is hoped that this will represent the completion of the building works that have been going on around Malet Place for the last five years! However, it does mean that the Malet Place entrance will be closed for much of the summer and Museum access will be from the main college entrances - but the museum will remain open.

However, they will be having work done in the museum, repainting the water stained ceiling and replacing the floor covering. This will require the museum to close for a week. The date for this hasn't been fixed yet but will probably be at the end of August.

So if you are planning a visit to the museum over the summer please check the website for details about access and notice of any closure.

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