Monday, June 07, 2010

Zahi Hawass in opposition to the UK (I think)

Al Ahram Weekly (Zahi Hawass)

If anyone can make head or tail of this do let me know. I take it that archaeological missions are not being thrown out and that tourists can still expect to purchase visas without difficutly??
UPDATE: Thanks very much to John Rauchert for reminding me of a previous Al Ahram Weekly article by Hawass, to which the following almost certainly refers.

The actions of the British Embassy against our symbols are not acceptable. The Supreme Council of Antiquities has decided that we will not give them any privileges at all. We will not give an antiquities pass to any one. We will not receive their visitors. Our relations with their scientists will be cold. It is one to one. This is what Egypt has to do and this is what I am doing now. The British ambassador has the right to do anything within his embassy and we have the right to deal with and treat them in the same manner.


Anonymous said...

Zahi Hawass is a nut case!

Anonymous said...

Its probably best ignoring Hawass he will be saying something different in a week anyway.

tim said...

Hi Andie

He has a chip on his shoulder!