Monday, August 09, 2010

Jon Bodsworth photos

Thanks to all who replied yesterday. I now have an email address, and hope to get in touch. I do realize, as some of you pointed out, that he has made it clear that a) the photos are copyright free and b) he no longer maintains the website - both facts are stated unambiguously on his Contact page. It is just that it seemed polite to check before using all his hard work in such an intensive way. Thanks in particular to Jean-Pierre Houdin and Vincent Brown.


Anonymous said...

Is there currently a way to gain access to Jon's photos at Giza? Please send email to Thanks so much.

Andie said...

To Anonymous

No, Jon announced six months before his hosting agreement was due to run out that he would not be renewing it. He has now changed his email address as well. Which of his photographs were you looking for? I have a number of his photos, which I gained his permission to use, as well as a big collection of my own, and may be able to help.

bdg said...

There IS a site, I've used forever, that has these available. (hopefully my making it known here wont jeopardize it's existence and it will continue)... It's been an invaluable asset to me.