Monday, August 09, 2010

Photo for Today - Armchair of Hetepheres I

With my thanks to Jon Bodsworth

Chair from the tomb of Hetepheres I (reconstruction)
4th Dynasty
Wood and gold leaf

Hetepheres was probably the wife of the first 4th Dynasty pharaoh Snefru, and
was the mother of the builder of the Great Pyramid at Giza, Khufu.
Originally buried at Dashur, her tomb was violated in antiquity and Khufu
had the remaining tomb contents moved to a shaft tomb near his pyramid (G7000X),
although the alabaster sarcophagus was empty when found by George Reisner in 1925.

This is the better preserved of two armchairs. The wooden panels were added
to the chair following its discovery for display purposes.

If you are interested in reading about the tomb and its discovery here are
two articles that may be of interest.

There is a report by Reisner himself in the Bulletin of the Museum of Fine Arts,
available in PDF format from the Giza Archives Project website
The Tomb of Queen Hetep-Heres (1927)
It is 36 pages long and has a lot of photographs of the site.
A really good read.

And there is a short article that asks what happened to the body
of Hetepheres by Alan Winston available online:
The Mysteries of Queen Hetepheres' Tomb, which is accompanied
by some excellent black and white photographs from the time of the discovery.

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