Sunday, December 05, 2010

KV63 Update

KV63 Dig Diary (Otto Schaden)

Thanks to Kate Phizackerley's blog and her reader Len Solt for pointing to the above update dating to November 4th 2010 on the KV63 website. Details of some of the research results from last season are discussed and some of the details of the application to the SCA are given for the 2011 season, which they hope will start in January. More information is to be announced, Schaden hopes, before late December.

The Proposal for next season continues in the “study season” mode as we hope we can begin to wind down the work on the coffins and the ceramics. It is hoped that ARCE’s Saied Hamed Hassan will resume work (in the Luxor Museum) on the small Coffin D and other coffins will be dealt with in our workroom in KV-10.

Last season, we began trying to reassemble some of the fragments of Coffin A in the hopes of recovering more of the inscriptions.This process will continue as the evidence collected thuds far suggests the texts are very untraditional and probably date to the Akhenaten era.

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