Thursday, February 10, 2011

Egypt Antiquities Restoration Under Way

National Geographic

Video showing some of the damage at the museum, restoration work in progress, and Hawass offering reassurance about the safety of museums and monuments. There is an unedited transcript to accompany the video on the above page.

More than two weeks after political protests began in Cairo’s Liberation Square, crowds continued to arrive. Located adjacent to the square, Cairo’s Egyptian Museum is at the epicenter of the action.

During the chaotic early days of the demonstrations in late January, looters entered the museum and damaged priceless antiquities.

But restoration work got underway quickly on the objects damaged in the chaos.

SOT Hoda Abd El Hamid, Museum Conservator: “Most of them are in good shape, a little bit need restoration, about 25 pieces.”

Museum director Tarek al Awady shows objects that were in a case that was damaged. Many are fine, but a few are in need of restoration.

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