Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Photos Show Tomb of Maya is Apparently Intact

After his first, less than convincing visit to Saqqara, Jeffrey Bartholet, returned to Saqqara on Tuesday 8th February and was allowed to enter the Tomb of Maya. He reports on NGM, with a photo from inside the tomb. This shows a solidier which sort of validates the picture if anybody had doubts. He reports seeing three chambers with reliefs.

The tomb of the wet nurse is still sealed with bricks. And on Tuesday, inspectors at Saqqara led me into Maya the treasurer’s burial chamber. “Nobody touched the tomb here, “ said Mohammad Mohammad Youssef, chief inspector for South Saqqara, as he and a colleague broke a wire and seal on the metal door leading underground. “We put seals on the lock about a month ago when we checked it for humidity and temperature, and the same seals were still here and the locks were not broken.” Youssef and I walked down a tight, sandy staircase of a dozen steps to an iron gate with another three locks on it, and another seal that was untouched after the looting. Then we entered three chambers, over 3,000 years old, shimmering with golden-yellow reliefs.

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