Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Attempted break-in near Edfu

Luxor Times

Three people were arrested when they tried to break into El Kom Al Ahmer site near Edfu. Also few other sites were under armed assault in the past 3 weeks in Saqqara, Dahshur, Minia, Sohag and Aswan trying to rob tombs and antiquities magazines in those sites beside some parts of the sites were built on or been cultivated in other sites like west bank, Luxor.

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Anonymous said...


This problem was used as a pretext so that the tour I was with could not visit the Temple on March 28th.

I was told there were violence, hostages etc...

Actually our guides did not want to go. Instead of Edfu they wanted us to visit the Nubian Museum. I protested vehemently. I checked with the excellent Mr Murad from the Luxor Tourist Office and eventually we were proposed to go to the Phylae temple instead.
Of course Phylae is a great temple but the whole case left us a bitter taste.

PS : the boat name was M/S Magic 2, cruise from 26th March to April 2nd