Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Looting of Cairo Museum an Amateur Job?

The Epoch Times (Kremena Krumova)

More speculation about who was responsible for the looting of the Cairo Museum, with some interesting eye-witness accounts.

Hawass thinks the attempted thefts were most probably done by amateurs.

“Professionals out to steal would normally be careful not to damage the objects they were planning to take, so the initial impression was that the attackers were vandals rather than thieves,” the minister wrote on his blog.

Hawass described how the famous statue of Akhenaten was returned. “I was informed that a sixteen-year-old male, one of the protestors at Tahrir Square, had found the statue of Akhenaten near the southern wall of the museum, and took it home. The boy’s family immediately called the Ministry of State for Antiquities Affairs to arrange for the statue’s return to the Museum.”

Joris Kila, part of a civilian-military mission to Egypt to assess the damage at the Cairo museum and other heritage sites, concurs that their investigation revealed no signs of organized crime.

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