Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Fundraising for Amarna's monastic history


The Amarna Project has another fundraising project up and running on the JustGiving website. they are trying to raise £1500.00, which seems entirely reasonable. So far they have raised £210.00. Many small donations add up just as quickly as a few large ones. See the photos on the above page.

In 2000, excavations at the 5th-7th century monastic site of Kom el-Nana at Amarna unexpectedly revealed the sanctuary of the monastery’s church and, amongst the rubble, over a thousand fragments of painted plaster. During several study seasons, these were painstakingly rejoined by Dr Gillian Pyke to reveal part of the original decoration of the apse: a scene of Christ and the Apostles.

The next stage of the Kom el-Nana Church Painting Project is to disseminate this important attestation of early Christian faith, and of Amarna's later history. Can you help us with this? Your donation will be put towards the costs of publishing this work in full, and will help make this important research accessible to a wide audience.

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