Tuesday, April 05, 2011

EES Delta Survey - First Visit to Daba

Egypt Exploration Society (Patricia Spencer)

With photos.

This morning we went to the SCA office and met the Director for Kafr esh-Sheikh, Dr Mohammed Abdel Rafaa, who made us very welcome and actually remembered us from when we were touring around tells in 1990 with Sabri Abdel Aziz! He assigned an Inspector to us, Madame Salwa Galal, and she came with us for a preliminary visit to the site. We set off on the 15 km drive to the site in lovely weather but it started to rain heavily just as we arrived so our first view of Daba was though a very wet windscreen!

Fortunately the rain soon stopped and we were met by the SCA site guard, and walked around part of the site, looking at the substantial mud-brick remains which seem not to have changed in the last 20 years. The surface of the site is covered with burned red brick- fragments and some intact structural remains - and there are also a few weathered red granite blocks visible.

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