Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Online: Tuthmosis III Temple Project

Tuthmosis III Temple Project

An excellent website with full details of excavation and survey work, and campaign reports for 2008, 2009 and 2010.

The excavation, restoration, conservation and site management of the Temple of Thutmosis III, in Luxor’s West Bank first began in 2008 through a collaborative project between the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquity and the Academy of Fine Arts, Seville-Spain.

The team is directed by Dr. Myriam Seco Álvarez and Dr. Atia Radwan. Both coordinate the investigations at the Temple of Millions of Years, built by a pharaoh considered to be the “Napoleon” of Ancient Egypt and among the most important pharaohs of the New Kingdom.

Since the beginning, the project has had the support of the Spanish Embassy in Egypt and is sponsored by the Spanish petrol company CEPSA. Starting in 2010 the BOTÍN FOUNDATION also graciously donated funds to support the project. Thanks to our sponsors, we have been able to extend our work season to three months a year; therefore, having a greater opportunity to increase our knowledge of the temple and to restore and preserve more of this significant monument.

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