Sunday, March 04, 2012

Minufiyeh survey 2012

EES Minufiyeh Survey (Jo Rowland)

Jo Rowland and her team are back in Minufiyeh in the Delta and are already hard at work excavating where they left off last year.

Today was the start of the excavation at Quesna.  Our team of local workers were waiting for us when we arrived with our inspector at 7.30am. We will work with the workers until 1.00pm every day, and then we stay at the site until 3pm, to catch up on drawings, photographs and the filling in of recording forms, all vital aspects of our work. We were returning to Trench 9, which was the main focus for training during the field school of autumn last year. We are a much smaller team this time, but already on our first morning we have uncovered a number of new burials within this Ptolemaic-Roman cemetery, as well as re-defining features that had started to appear at the end of the last season.

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