Sunday, March 04, 2012

Revealing the statue of Amenhotep III, the third colossus of Memnon

Luxor Times

With an accompanying photo essay on the unveiling of the statue.

The raising operation started on 6th February 2012, and was successfully achieved on 13th February.
After that first step of the operation, the right foot of the King resting on a decorated base and other blocks belong to this base were placed on the pedestal.
The knee, the chest and the head will be joined to the colossus in the forthcoming season.
The colossus is a masterpiece of Ancient Egyptian royal sculpture, hewn in a very hard block of quartzite which was transported from the quarries of Gebel El-Ahmar in Cairo. It is extremely well sculpted and smoothly polished.
This is the first time that such a monumental sculpture is raised by methods combining the Pharaonic ways and modern technique of lifting with air-cushions.
In spring 2013, the team will also lift at its original location the lower part of the south colossus, which was unknown and lay completely buried under the ground of the temple. It was discovered by the project director in 2003 and was treated by the conservation team.


cristina said...

Do you have any pictures?

Andie said...

Did you not click on the link at the top of the post? You will find several photographs there.