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Egyptology news for the 9th-11th May 2013

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The Two-Dogs Palette from the Main Deposit,
Hierakonpolis. c.3300-3100BC
1896-1908 E.3924
Ashmolean Museum


The week one dig diary for the South Asasif Conservation Project is up on their blog, with photos, at 

The South Asasif Project has just opened its 8th season in the South Asasif tombs and now has a new website and blog. Via @JaneAkshar.

and looting

New minister of state for antiquities Ahmed Eissa, unveils strategy for protecting landmarks and heritage. Ahram Online 

Serious problems are facing some of Egypt's famous sites, while others may be storms in teacups. Al Ahram Weekly 

Más saqueos en las pirámides de Dashur (more looting at the pyramids of Dashur). Ushebtis 

Main suspect bailed in Britain’s Egyptian antiquities investigation. Will return for questioning later. Ahram Online 

Espionage and historical research. Egypt's researchers face suspicion and misguided obsession with security. Ahram Online 


A New Theory About Why Egypt Stopped Building Pyramids: Is it possible they were too perfect? The Atlantic 

Analysis of linen mummy bandage (EC951) displayed in the Egypt Centre’s House of Death. Egypt Centre Swansea 

Novelist Sean Thomas on his Egypt-inspired idea that monotheism might be a form of real cerebral virus. Telegraph 

Good use of ThingLink to create a nice interactive map of Djoser's Saqqara complex. Ancient Egypt Site 

A 19th century French poet (Rimbaud) in Harwa’s Cenotaph. EES Publishing Blog


New book: Vocabulaire d'architecture égyptienne par F.Monnier. 900 terms, with photos, illustrations. Éditions Safran 

Article about Richard Wilkinson and his book about QueenTausert. University of Arizona 


Call for papers: Amphorae VII Conference. Postgraduate and honours students in. Egyptian, Greek, Roman, post-Roman antiquity 

Museums and exhibitions

Should human remains be displayed in museums? 'Absolutely no' or 'Definitely yes. Tweet your thought at us ...  Via @PetrieMuseEgypt
Exhibition: Secrets of the Afterlife: Magic, Mummies and Immortality in Ancient Egypt (Australia). thewest 

Exhibition: La última moda en entierros: ataúdes de faraones. ABC 

Exhibition: Making the Invisible Visible. Conservation and Islamic Art. April 2–August 4, 2013. Met Museum of Art 

Article celebrating an open-mic night for museum professionals: The Guardian 

NOT free. World's 50 best museums. Chinese armies, Viking ships, Egyptian jewels and Elvis’s gold Cadillac. The Times 

Job Openings

Job: Head ceramics supervisor at AERA  . Email Dr Claire Malleson, Director of Archaeo Science AERA. mally

Job: Professur auf Zeit für Ägyptische Archäologie und Kunstgeschichte. Ludwig-Maximilians  + 


Downtown Philadelphia's Wanamaker Building and Masonic Temple. Penn Museum Artifact Lab 

Free online 

Short article: Life and Death in Roman Egypt - Artemidoros and his family. Faces and Voices

Peter Lacovara of Michael C. Carlos Museum describes objects loaned to Houston Museum. Emory Uni  Via Yvonne Buskens

The Facing Stones of the Large Pyramids—An Interview with Jean-Pierre Houdin. Em Hotep 

Death and Taxes in Ancient Egypt:  via @YouTube

Article online: Rules of decorum and expressions of gender fluidity in Tawosret's tomb by H.L.McCarthy. Academia 

BBC 2 video: Life and Death in the Valley of the Kings. Marriage and family in Ancient Egypt.  Via Yvonne Buskens

Review: Second episode of "Archaeology: A Secret History." Petrie's Sardines 


Another article addressing the question of whether Egypt is safe for tourists. Quite Alone 

Travel and heritage: Alexandria - Lighthouse of East and West. Al Ahram Weekly 


The Academic Benefits of Twitter. Savage Minds 

NOT FREE: 5 Jewelry Collectors, Past and Present: A look at Tutankhamen, King Henry VIII, Sultan of Brunei and J.P. Morgan. WJS 

Protection of Cultural Property: Culture wars: why attack heritage? BBC History  #heritage #UNESCO Via @Amesemi

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