Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Egyptology News 6th - 8th May 2013

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Wadi es-Sebua, Lake Nasser, Nubia


A new temple and palace of Meroitic Queen Amanitore found in Wad Banaga area, Sudan. Sudan Vision

Yet more re the submerged 1200 year old city of Thonis-Heracleion. The Telegraph

Silsila from a topographer’s perspective. Gebel el Silsila Survey

A Tell Abou-Saify (Sinai) une mission archéologique a mis au jour une zone commerciale antique. Al Ahram Hebdo

Who's who: Egypt's new ministers, including the new Minister for Antiquities Ahmed Eissa. Ahram Online

Art & Antiquities Squad arrest a UK-based businessman on suspicion of looting Egyptian antiquities. Ahram Online
UN agencies announce campaign to better inform tourists about funding of illicit goods. UN News Centre


Officials look for advice on how to prevent further decay of 3000 year old Lucknow museum mummy. Times of India

Museums and exhibitions

Digital archives: making museum collections available to everyone.  

"Echoes of Egypt" takes a holistic view of AE's impact on the art, architecture etc of more recent cultures. theday

Exhibition at the Musée du Louvre featuring drawing in Ancient Egypt, from 19th April to 22nd July 2013. AMA

Travel and tourism

Comprehensive report on the current state of travel in Egypt with emphasis on safety. Travel Reportage  


A new book Hidden Luxor (For Kids) | by Jane Akshar


Pyramids of E. Lothian and Edinburgh: looking at Egyptianized pyramids in Scotland. Lothian Life

Free online

Interview, in Spanish, with Myriam Seco. Ushebtis

BBC 1974: Magnus Magnusson talks to Sir Mortimer Wheeler about Sir Flinders Petrie.   

The twists and turns of the early days of the Napoleonic expedition to Egypt at the end of the 18thC. Al Ahram Weekly

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