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Egyptology News 30th April - 5th May 2013

Copied from Twitter @egyptologynews.

Wadi es-Sebua. Nubia


Via Draft publications of 4th Cataract (Nubia) salvage archaeology, site 3-0 (64-page PDF). SARS     

Gebel el Silsila Survey Project: A week report from the “linguistic department”

Sai Island – the last three field seasons. Medieval Sai Project


How Kerma survived catastrophic drought that wiped out other dynasties. Heritage Daily PhysOrg

Interview with Betsy Bryan re her research into ritual public drunkenness and sex in ancient Egypt. LA Times

In Old Cairo, home to many religious treasures, a medieval Christian icon has recently come to light. Al Ahram Weekly


Residents protest looting, construction at ancient necropolis. Ahram online

Les fondations de la citadelle Qaïtbay sur la corniche d’Alexandrie sont menacées par l’érosion. Ahram Hebdo

More re Dashur protest, in Spanish, with a particularly good photograph showing some of the problems. Ushebtis    

Journals and Magazines

haraon Magazine #13 is available ! lots of articles : pyramids, news tombs at Saqqarah / Guizeh, egyptian medecine


Programme for the 1 Day Colloquium: Recent Archaeological Fieldwork in Sudan 13th May, at the British Museum. SARS

Annual colloquium: Nubia in the New Kingdom: Lived experience, Pharaonic control and local traditions. British Museum

Museums and exhibitions

First look at plans to show Egyptology Collection hidden for over 40 years in Southport (NW England). BayTVLiverpool

Southport (NW England) in bid to fund new Egyptology gallery to house Goodison Collection. Egyptology North

Travel and tourism

Promoting tourism: Face à la crise, la stratégie du ministère se tourne vers les marchés émergents. Ahram Hebdo

Free online

Article: La astronomía en Egipto. Ushebtis


First episode of "Archaeology: A Secret History" with Dr Richard Miles on BBC4 is available for 3 weeks online for UK residents only (sorry) at

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