Thursday, June 23, 2005

Grand Museum of Egypt
"The unveiling on Wednesday was the latest step in the government's ambitious $500 million project for the Grand Museum of Egypt, which is intended to gather in one spot at the foot of the Great Pyramids some 100,000 artefacts, many of which have been sitting in warehouses for decades with no room to display them". Apart from the fact of the unveiling, I'm not sure whether there's anything new in this AlJazeera article about the new museum planned to house Egypt's most important collections, but it is the most recent article that I've seen and there's a preview of part of the interior that I've not noticed before.

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Homo Insapiens said...

It sounds as if this would be worth going back to Egypt for. I wonder if the new museum will be visible from the terrace of the Mina House....regards