Friday, May 24, 2013

Invitation to provide feedback on UCL Museums and Public Engagement

UCL Museums and Public Engagement (including the Grant Museum, Petrie Museum and Art Museum) are inviting your input to help them improve the ways in which they promote their museums and public engagement activities and communicate with their existing and potential audiences and visitors. Please note that you do not have to have visited any of the museums to take part. On completion of the survey you will be entered into a prize draw with £50 worth of vouchers of the winner's choice as the prize. The deadline is 4 June.

Complete the survey:

Internship in Oxford at the Online Egyptological Bibliography (1 month)

For those people who have had trouble finding the information about the internship on the Griffith Institute Facebook page, I have copied and pasted the information here.  I have no more details than those copied here, so please ask any questions via the contact details below.

The Mellon Foundation grant award for the Online Egyptological Bibliography (OEB) includes provision for an annual internship of one month to be held in Oxford.

Accordingly, we are seeking a person with an interest in bibliography & the development of databases in Egyptology to join the team for this period, during which they will gain experience of building an online bibliographic resource while contributing to the enhancement of the OEB database.

They will be able to devote some time to their own research, using the unrivalled facilities of the Sackler Library as well as other resources in Oxford.

We envisage that this person will be a graduate student of Egyptology (or a closely related subject) who will be willing to live & work in Oxford for a period of one month between July & September 2013. The precise period to be spent in Oxford need not coincide with a calendar month. Knowledge of Egyptological publications is essential, as is a concern for accuracy & consistency. The person must have a reading knowledge of French & German.

The intern will be reimbursed reasonable travel costs within the UK & will be helped with finding & paying for accommodation in Oxford, up to a total of £1000.
Those who are interested should write to R. Gareth Roberts (gareth.roberts [at] with a letter, CV & the name of a referee (preferably their current graduate supervisor). We should like to receive expressions of interest as soon as possible, and no later than Friday 14 June, 2013.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Egyptology News from 20th to 23rd May 2013

Fragment of fallen ceiling in the open air storage
of the lovely Temple of Tod complex, south of Luxor


Penn curator Joe Wegner continues excavations at mortuary complex of Pharaoh Senwosret III, Abydos.Penn Artifactlab 


Hand in Hand with Politics: The Challenges of Egyptian Studies in Serbia by B. Anđelković. Friends of ASOR Newsletter. 

Egypt’s poor management of ancient monuments draws threat from UNESCO. Daily News Egypt 

Minister for Antiquities says that UNESCO is not threatening to remove 6 sites from World Heritage List. Ahram Online 

Archaeologists denounce “disgraceful” plundering of the city of Antinopolis, built by Emperor Hadrian. The Art Newspaper and Past Horizons


Ancient Egyptian Literature Theory and Practice. Edited by Roland Enmarch and Verena M. Lepper. OUP 

Extended edition of Anubis, Bibliography on Mummies, Mummification and; Related Subjects. Vartavan and I.Waanders 

From Old Cairo to the New World: Coptic Studies Presented to Gawdat Gabra. Colloquia Antiqua 9. Peeters 


The British Museum continued its support of Sudanese archaeology with an international conference. Sudan Vision Daily 

Czech Inst. of Egyptology announces international conference: Profane landscapes, sacred spaces. miroslav.barta [at]

Museums and exhibitions

Alexandria plans for a new maritime museum at site of Qaitbay citadel. Archaeology News Network  

Call for general public volunteers (14-65 yrs old) for the new Petrie Museum website to appraise work done so far: Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology

Free online/ open access

Ancient Egyptian Architecture Online provides vetted, standardized architectural drawings of a selection of buildings 

MUDIRA: Joint project to digitize and provide access to the collections of images held at two Munich institutions. 
Short article: "Archaeology after the Arab Spring" by Jesse Casana. Friends of ASOR Newsletter 

Short article in Spanish about the Turin papyrus that shows a Ramesside map of the Eastern Desert goldmines. Ushebtis 

Journals, Magazines and Newsletters

Damqatum, the CEHAO newsletter, 2012, nº 8, in English: UCA 

Job Opportunities

Job: British Museum: Curator, Department of Ancient Egypt & Sudan, with responsibilities for research and outreach. 


Northampton faces legal challenge over Sekhemka statue sale from Marquis of Northampton. Museums Journal 

The Ancient Egypt Research Associates (AERA) archives now officially registered with the Library of Congress. AERA 
Zahi Hawass, long-reigning king of AE antiquities was forced into exile but is now plotting a return. Smithsonian Mag 

For fun. This really made me laugh (and a good moral in the tale too). How NOT to hand in your PhD. The Thesis Whisperer 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Egyptology News for 15th - 20th May 2013

The Temple of Karnak


Egyptian-Nubian soldier skeleton discovered by Dr.Irene Forstner-Müller at late Roman site Hisn Al-Bab. Luxor Times 

Hallan los restos de un soldado de origen nubio fallecido hace 1.400 años. With photo. EFE Ikuna 


Research in Dakhleh Oasis suggests that Roman period babies were conceived in the heat of July, August. Live Science

Cornell Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections (RMC) identify unique Ptolemaic funerary text. Cornell Chronicle 

Just in case you missed it, here's another account of the theory of why pyramid construction was abandoned. Huff Post

Video re the Oxford Uni project to involve the public in translating the Oxyrhynchus papyri. Guardian  Via @SJRoyce

Scientific Insurgents Say 'Journal Impact Factors' Distort Science. Science Daily 

Egyptian heritage body calls for authorities to halt unauthorized renovation at Sayyeda Zeinab Mosque. Ahram Online 

Archaeologists and Cairenes call on antiquities ministry to save Qaitbay’s water basin from encroachment. AhramOnline 

In French: A livestock market is set to encroach upon the Matariya archaeological site. Ahram Hebdo 
Egyptian antiquities with "convincing provenances" were withdrawn from sale at Christie's. Looting Matters 

Video: Cairo's Abu el-Ela Bridge, featured in film and music videos, may be rebuilt. Aljazeera . Via @PatriciaSpencer

Although times changed, many of the ancient Egyptian funeral customs have lingered on. Al Ahram Weekly 


Forthcoming book: Diachronic Trends in Ancient Egyptian History. Eds. Miroslav Bárta + Hella Küllmer, Charles University in Prague.


The International Congress of Egyptologists in Alexandria has been postponed for a year until September 2014: 

Museums and exhibitions

In Spanish. The artificial dome that houses the relocated Nubian Abu Simbel temples will be converted into a museum. 

How the British Museum protects more than seven million objects (including a touchable Rosetta Stone copy). BBC 

Interview with Dr. Yazzez from the Egyptian Museum in Cairo about the current state of the museum: …
Houston Museum of Natural Science has welcomed a giant coffin to its new Egyptian displays. 
AE antiquities featured at Western Australian Museum, part of ongoing collaboration with British Museum. Australian 

Houston Museum NS Unveils Egyptian Sarcophagus, Hall of Egypt. With slideshow of green-faced sarcophagus. news92fm 
Museums at Night Report: Gavin Turk, pyramid power and Bristol Museum and Art Gallery. Culture24 

Free online

Free online: Analysis of wooden finds from burial shafts of A38 (from ABUSIR XXII, Abusir, Egypt). J.Beneš. Academia 

Article free online: "The History and Research of the Naqada Region Collection" by G. J.Tassie + J.van Wetering. UCL 

Journals and Magazines 

Pyramids : special issue of Pharaon Magazine, cahier supplémentaire #2, digital volume. in french. 

Travel and Tourism

Why cultural heritage, cultural and creative industries, tourism can help poverty & unemployment 

Job Opportunities

Job: British Museum Dept of Anc. Egypt & Sudan seeks Project Curator to support exhib re science of mummies. Details 


Sad news: Kew botanist and Africa / Egypt specialist Nigel Hepper, author of “Pharaoh’s Flowers,” has passed away.


A railway journey to the Giza pyramids in 1910 - wonderful footage from the Huntley Film Archives: …

Superb slideshow of the discovery of an Egyptian statue found in a hidden chamber of the tomb of Meketre. Met Museum 

British Virgin Islands have officially issued a new and unique coin featuring the Great Pyramids of Giza. Coin Update 

Think you're an expert on all things Egyptian? Houston Museum Ancient Egypt quiz. 

Cairo's 19th Century transformation in 7 points. Cairobserver 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Egyptology News 12th-14th May 2013

Copied from @egyptologynews

Beautifully preserved Faiyum Neolithic basket
British Museum
Registration number: 1927,0312.10
BM/Big number: EA58696


Halfway into the Spring season at Gebel el Silsila, with some lovely photographs from the project team.

Más hallazgos, Oxirrinco: un posible nilómetro, cripta con pinturas coptas, una esfinge y peces sagrados. Vanguardia 


Useful overview of the new theory re why pyramids are collapsing. Structural Engineering Mag 

More Coptic Manuscripts (Sahidic fragments) from Monastery of Apa Shenoute (White Monastery) at Gallica. Alin Suciu

Un uovo di struzzo mette in discussione la datazione delle piramidi di Giza? (dating of pyramids) Sotterannai do Roma 

Karnak Project. Dépouillement exhaustif des documents et inscriptions de Karnak collationnées sur l’original. CFEETK 

Local cemetery expansion in Akhmim threatens site of Ramesses II, forcing authorities to place items in storage. Ahram Online 

As Egypt's tourism industry languishes, antiquities under threat. Gadling 

National Geographic releases documentary behind CINTEC's Pyramid of Djoser project. World Architecture News 


The Institute of Archaeology Annual Conference will take place 20-21 May on the topic of 'Forming Material Egypt' UCL 

5th International Fayum-Conference, 29 May – 1 June 2013, Leipzig. 
Overview of aspects of “Dialogue of Civilizations” conference that looked at 5 ancient cultures. National Geographic 

Museums and exhibitions

Grand Egyptian Museum pushing forward with the allocation of a 4-year O&M consultancy contract Yahoo 

In Spanish. Traveling exhibition, El Museo de Abu Simbel, with a copy of the RII temple.  and 

Travel and Tourism

Egypt tourism still struggling despite upswing: Industry insiders. Ahram Online 

Some common sense comments and advice about visitor safety in Egypt. Via @maraegypt. Mara House Luxor …

Travel: Tourists chanting/meditating to what they believe is enlightenment through mystical experience. Egypt Today 

Online resources

Ancient Egyptian Architecture Online provides vetted and standardized architectural drawings of various sites. AWOL 


A Dec 2012 article, but it makes still-relevant points about Egypt's ongoing environmental issues. Egypt Today