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News from 21st to 24th February 2013

Copied from Twitter @egyptologynews

Free article: The Calendars of Ancient Egypt. By R.A. Parker. University of Chicago Press, 1950. Hist.of the Anc.Wrld

A thorough reflection reveals a long-forgotten link between the foundation of Granada (Spain) and Cairo. Ahram Online

Mystery fibres on the painted coffin of Tawahibre. Penn Artifact Lab

3D Petrie exhibition in the news: "Where Science meets Heritage at UCL-Qatar." UCL

Virtual Autopsy at British Museum in last few days: British Museum

Karnak: Where the digital age meets ancient Egypt. By Andrew Lawler. Humanities magazine

Disappearing heritage of Sudan,1820-1956: Photographic and filmic exploration in Sudan 17th Jan–30th Apr 2013. Durham

Lady Wallis Budge Junior Research Fellowship in Egyptology. University of Oxford

Obituary: André et Etienne Bernand, jumeaux, égyptologues et morts le même jour

Egypt Salfists forced to cancel preaching event at ancient Pharaoh temple. Al Arabiya

Book review by Valentino Gasperini: Jaime Alvar, Los cultos egipcios en Hispania. Bryn Mawr Classical Review.

AE blue pigment used 5,000 years ago is giving modern scientists clues toward the development of new nanomaterials

BBC interview with Professor Dimitri Laboury re the newly discovered Vizier's tomb with its small pyramid in Luxor.

Ancient Worlds: Mummy exhibition in Manchester. Click link at bottom of page to see more pages and pics on the story.

Trabajos en las excavaciones en la Tumba Tebana 39, Luxor: un complejo que funcionó como lugar de peregrinaje

High Definition Surveying (HDS) at Malqata.. HDS scanning is a relatively new tool in surveying. iMalqata dig diary

The annual report on Abu Simbel solar event. Al Masry Al Youm.

Wood-turning in Manchester and Ancient Egypt. Report with photos re Geoff Killen's AE wood-turning demonstration

Old projects, new projects. Brooklyn Museum team back at the Temple of Mut, updating their dig diary. Lots of photos.

Amara West dig diary: a kaleidoscope of life and death in Egyptian Kush

What's the use of a PhD? Can we remake the humanities PhD to have better job prospects? Megan McArdle The Daily Beast

Book Review by Tim Reid: Sunken Egypt: Alexandria. Franck Goddio, Andre Bernand. Periplus Publishing. Egyptians blog

Pigmento de la era faraónica puede ayudar a la nanotecnología. Prensa Latina

Via Willeke Wendrich ‏@wzzw. Two new and related articles in the UCLA Encyclopedia of Egyptology: The Akh and the Northern Bald Ibis (Akh-bird).

Via Kate Wong ‏@katewong. Check out @hpringle's spectacular cover story on the evolution of human creativity in the March @sciam

Via Kasia Szpakowska ‏@SakhmetK. Another Egyptology position!

Via Chris Naunton ‏@chrisnaunton. Two Egyptological jobs going in Copenhagen: … and

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

News for 20th February 2013

Copied from Twitter @egyptologynews.

Via HistoryoftheAncient ‏@historyancient: Article: Karnak: Where the digital age meets ancient Egypt

Remains of a mud-brick pyramid-shaped tomb cover belonging to vizier Khay (reign of Ramesses II) found. Ahram Online

Creating a pointcloud for a 3D model of houses in E13, Amara West, using a process called ‘Structure from Motion’.

Via @chrisnaunton. New book in German - the personal memories of the former Director General of the Egyptian Museum

Durham Univ. 3–4 March 2013 2-day international conference, The Construction of Time in Antiquity. lutz.doering [at]

Missed this a couple of wks ago: Campbell Price's Texts in translation #10: The Stela of Hesysunebef (Acc. No. 4588)

Penn Artefact Lab: A step a-“head”: improving storage for our mummified heads

Curator's Choice: Sue Giles on a toy from a child's grave at Bristol's King of Egypt show. Culture24

Discovery of Luxor tomb of Vizier Khay, “the First Royal Herald of the Lord of the two lands” announced. Luxor Times

Avenue of the Sphinxes in Luxor, fully illuminated at night for the first time. Lots of photos. Luxor Times

Amara West 2013: scarabs – for life and death.

Via Alice Williams ‏@alicewilliams86:
Fab new book on World Archaeology at the Pitt-Rivers, with fascinating chapters on the Egypt & Sudan collections:

Book Review - Americans in Egypt, 1770-1915

Upstairs, Dowstairs: contrasting palace life and village life at excavations in Malqata

New Book: Leatherwork from Qasr Ibrim (Egypt). Part I: Footwear from the Ottoman Period. André J. Veldmeijer 2013

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

News for 17th, 18th and 19th February 2013

Copied from @egyptologynews. It has been a busy few days, so apologies for the late posting, but here's the news round-up.

Oriental Inst.News and Notes (PDF). 6 pages on Demotic Dictionary + small piece on Statue of Liberty's ties to Egypt

Egypt Exploration Society Centenary Awards 2012 providing funding for research at Saqqara and in Khartoum

Replicas of famous objects from the tomb of Tutankhamun on display at Lord Carnarvon's Highclere Castle. Daily Mail

In Spanish: Analysis of 200 mummies and skeletons from Aswan paints a picture of deprivation, not opulence.

My review of "Digital Egypt: Museums of the Future" (@3DPetrie) has been added to the Petrie Museum's blog today.

Photo slideshow of dunes, rock formations and rock art in the Western Desert

Cotsten Inst of Arch annual review "Backdirt" with article "Coffin Reuse in the Twenty-First Dynasty" by K. Cooney.

Grand Egyptian Museum will receive 5 objects of King Tut’s collection after returning to Egypt. Luxor Times

Amara West 2013 dig diary: getting to grips with this year’s villa. British Museum

Retrospective field diary (posting now from January's work) of excellent EES Theban Harbours and Waterscapes Project.

Jane Akshar's notes from the Mummification Museum lecture: José Galán – Update from the Spanish Mission. Luxor News

Another photo story recording the project to rescue statues of Amenemhat III. Luxor News Blog

Photo story showing emergency project to save 2 colossal statues of Amenhotep III at his funerary temple. Luxor Times

Finding the northern end of the Palace of the King. iMalqata dig diary

Em Hotep Digest vol. 02 no. 06: Jean-François Champollion

Hierarchy of Women within Elite Families. Iconographic Data from the Old Kingdom. V. Vasiljević. Hist.of the Anc.Wrld

Issue 10 of free online journal i-Medjat, edited by the Unité de Recherche-Action Guadeloupe. TOC and PDF at

Video showing reconstruction of the monuments of Biahmu in the Faiyum by Ben Baker and Chris Kirby. YouTube

Was Cleopatra murdered? Author talking about her version of the classic story. No reviews seen yet. Huffington Post

Vast robber pits around the 4,000-year-old Black Pyramid of Amenemhat III, metres deep. Triblive

Truth of Tutankhamun curse removed from myth. Times of Malta

Saturday, February 16, 2013

News for 16th February 2013

Copied from my Twitter account @egyptologynews, in no particular order

Today is the 90th anniversary of the opening of Tutankhamun's tomb by Lord Carnarvon and Howard Carter. The Telegraph

A New Kingdom jigsaw puzzle from Malqata: reconstructing a pottery vessel and a bone disc. iMalqata dig diary

The new volume of The Journal of Egyptian Archaeology (EES) is now out (vol. 98, 2012). The Table Of Contents is at

The head of the Egyptian antiquities ministry believes that archaeology and tourism will bounce back. NBC Science

Digital Egypt: Museums of the Future:

I had a brilliant afternoon volunteering at the Petrie Museum's Digital Egypt event today. I'll be writing it up on the Museum's blog v. soon.If you're interested in the digitizing of archaeology in museums you might check out @3DPetrie on Twitter, charting the museum's digi work. If you're on Facebook, here's my initial enthusiastic blurb re the Digital Egypt event at the Petrie (under the pic).

Friday, February 15, 2013

News for 15th February 2013

Copied from Twitter @egyptologynews - in no particular order

Via Kasia Szpakowska ‏@SakhmetK: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, offering a summer position for a research associate in Egyptian art:

The first week of the Brooklyn Museum's dig diary in the Karnak area, with lots of great photographs

American Soc. Papyrologists invites papers for "Culture and Society in Greek, Roman and Byzantine Egypt" Chicago 2014

More news from the Amara West dig diary: "What a difference a day makes."

Man finds stuffed cat in attic is 2,000-year-old Egyptian mummy. IBN Live

Live webcams will be placed in Egypt's major tourist areas to show the true conditions of the country. ANSAMed

This guide to the old Ashmolean Egypt galleries shows the old Victorian cabinets, themselves a bit of museum history.

iPad app: "Tour of the Nile" introduces Petrie Museum and uses Augmented Reality to explore artefacts in 3D. iTunes

Petrie Museum Object Analysis e-Learning Resource gives ability to analyse objects in 3D and to generate a catalogue

Al Ahram Weekly article re Hatshepsut’s Netery Menu chapel opening at Karnak and restoration of Amenhotep III colossi

Thursday, February 14, 2013

News for 14th February 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

News copied from Twitter @egyptologynews

The ARCE has announced the launch of its new Luxor West Bank Archaeological Field School for local MSA/SCA inspectors

Article about the building of the replica of a New Kingdom chariot for a television show. ARCE

New on the EES Publishing Blog: "Hasiballah Saqqara photos 1909-1988" with photos.

Interesting article looking at the role of spiritual leaders in rural communities a generation ago. Al Ahram Weekly

A 48 hour tour of the heritage of some of the New Valley oases during a forum on sustainable tourism. Al Ahram Weekly

Forthcoming titles from the AUC include three Egyptology, two Coptic studies titles and one about Old Cairo heritage.

Diana Craig-Patch talks about roof collapse at the Malqata excavation, west bank Luxor. iMalqata Dig Diary

New book: Gold and Gold Mining in Ancient Egypt and Nubia. R.Klemm and D.Klemm (Geoarchaeology in the Eastern Desert)

Jane Akshar's notes from the Mummification Museum Lecture, Luxor: Joint Expedition to Malqata. Luxor News Blog

Routine archaeo survey in one of Alexandria’s most densely populated areas revealed Graeco-Roman tombs. Ahram Online

As the project comes to completion: "Demotic Dictionary unveils culture of ancient Egypt." University of Chicago.

Official denial of problems at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo by Minister of Antiquities Mohamed Ibrahim. allAfrica

As the value of the Egyptian pound continues to fall, a look at mosques shown on LE and piastre notes. Cairobserver

Amara West 2013 dig diary: faience production in the town?

Greco-Roman tombs have been discovered at Gabbari necropolis in Alexandria. Luxor Times

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

News from 13th February 013

Copied from @egyptologynews

The Oriental Institute Electronic Publics. Initiative has made several new Egyptology publications available as PDFs:

I had missed that the Djehuty dig diary is back online for 2013, with several weeks already published (in Spanish):

Apologies if I've posted this before, but excellent if you are interested in Gilf Kebir: Wadi Sura project reports:

Super photo from 1920s Port Said. National Geographic.

Em Hotep Digest vol. 02 no. 05: Ancient Egyptian Gods, Myths, and Legends.

Disputed St Louis Art Museum Ka Nefer Nefer mask settlement terms to be discussed on appeal. Cultural Heritage Lawyer

Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology database images are now available under Creative Commons license C BY-NC-SA 3.0

Slightly off-topic but interesting. Ancient languages reconstructed by computer program. BBC

The Ptolemaic temple of Qasr Al Agouz on Luxor’s west bank is to open next week. With 3 photos. Ahram Online

Book: O.E. Kaper. Colours of the Oasis: Artists and the archaeology of Dakhleh Oasis. Only available from publisher

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

News from 12th February 2012

Copied from my Twitter @egyptologynews account

Preserving one of Egypt’s most efficient ecosystems: The mangrove. Egypt Independent

Amara West excavations 2013: the past as seen in photos from a photographic kite flown over the site. British Museum

Malqata dig diary: One enigmatic feature of the site is a huge area over 72,000sq.m that is a vast deposit of potsherds

Eleventh International Congress of Egyptologists, Bibliotheca Alexandrina 13th-20th September 2013

A Roman statue head has been repatriated to Egypt from Brazil. With photo. Luxor Times

Not news, just a short article on the AE city of On (Heliopolis), but might be of interest to some. Daily News Egypt

Job opening: Herbert Thompson Lecturer in Ancient Egyptian Language, University of Cambridge, Department of Archaeology

Digital Archaeology. Uncovering the “A New Look at Ancient Egypt” website after years of neglect.

Free online: The Goddess Hathor and the women of ancient Egypt. Danielle Basson. MPhil, University of Stellenbosch

French archeologist Michel Wuttmann found dead in his Cairo apartment, investigators suspect foul play. Washington Post

Barry Kemp and his team have resumed work at Amarna. Their email newsletter is copied here:

Amara West Dig Diary 2013: the latest from Cemetery C. British Museum

Speaking at Harvard, Egyptologist Marc Gabolde offered different interpretation of Tut DNA evidence. Harvard Gazette

Brown University's Abydos Dig has uncovered a skeleton in the North Cemetery, among other finds. Brown Daily Herald

Amarna 2013 begins


It has proved possible to resume fieldwork at Amarna. Barry Kemp and a small team traveled to the expedition house on Wednesday, January 30th and began work on site on Saturday, February 2nd, with 20 local workmen, mostly from El-Till and regularly employed by the expedition.

The main work for the next two months is a resumption of the re-excavation and restoration at the Great Aten Temple, concentrating again on the front part. Areas adjacent to those examined in the spring of 2012 have been marked out, on the south and east, and the cleaning of surface deposits begun, already revealing a strange feature uncovered earlier by Pendlebury, a gypsum-lined trough surrounding a rectangular area and belonging to the temple's final phase. Removal of the large Pendlebury dump over the brick pylon has also been resumed. Further east a start has been made on cleaning the surface of the two pedestals of thick gypsum concrete that measure about 10 x 15 metres and stood in front of the stone entrance to the temple and probably acted as foundations for very large columns. They are covered with the impressions of stone blocks that will require much patient planning to record in sufficient detail.

Thanks to the good offices of Nicholas Warner, the first delivery arrived today of limestone blocks from the quarries at Turah, outside Cairo, of much better quality than those we have bought in the past, from local quarries. These will be used for the final layer that will mark the positions of the walls of the Platform Building the foundations of which were uncovered last year.

We have also chosen this year to carry out an inspection and maintenance of the column in the Small Aten Temple that the expedition (then under the auspices of the Egypt Exploration Society) erected in 1994, on the initiative of architect Michael Mallinson. It has since become a familiar landmark. The column is hollow, and formed of panels fixed to a central iron lattice-work tower. It needs to be inspected from the inside. To this end, scaffolding is being erected around the column. Simon Bradley, who built the column in 1994, has returned to carry out the inspection and any necessary maintenance.

Much of the funding for this season's work comes to the Amarna Trust from the Big Give Christmas Challenge, to which so many of you responded. Many thanks again for your generosity on this and on other occasions.

The further plan for the spring is that another month of excavation will be carried out at the South Tombs Cemetery in April, to be followed by a return of the Arkansas University anthropology field school which will study the human remains.

4 February 2013

Barry Kemp/Anna Stevens

Support the work of the Amarna Project at:

News for 11th February 2013

Copied from @egyptolognews (Twitter)

Cleopatra's World - Lecture Series free to listen to on iTunes, with some very good names -

Kasia Szpakowska Kasia Szpakowska ‏@SakhmetK
So pleased that "Companion to Women in the Ancient World" won a PROSE Award for Professional & Scholarly Excellence!

Lorna Richardson Lorna Richardson ‏@lornarichardson
What are your archaeological Internet habits? Where/how do you look for info about #archaeology?  Please RT/share!

More re restoration of newly discovered colossi of Amenhotep III. Ahram Online

Ancient Nubia: African Kingdoms on the Nile (AUC) wins professional (PROSE) ceremony in Washington. Daily News Egypt

RT @historyancient: Free online: The role of the chantress in anc. Egypt. Suzanne Ostine. PhD Thesis, Univ Toronto 2001

New on Osirisnet: The Old Kingdom tomb of Irukaptah at Saqqara, also called Khenu.

Mummification Museum Lecture notes by Jane Akshar - The tomb of Panehsy, TT16. Lecture by Suzanne Onstine. Luxor News

The 1928 Italian-built El Shinawy Palace in Mansoura will be converted into an antiquities museum. Luxor Times

New Book: The Signs of Which Times? Chronological and Palaeoenvironmental Issues in the Rock Art of Northern Africa.

Sad News: Obituary of geologist Rushdi Said who has died at the age of 93. Egypt Independent

Saving the twin statues of Amenhotep III in Kom El Hetan, West Bank, Luxor. With photos. Luxor Times

Book Review: D. Wengrow, What makes Civilization? The Ancient Near East and the Future of the West, 2010. Rosetta 11

More re Hatshepsut limestone chapel that will be put on display for the 1st time at Karnak's open air mus. Ahram Online

Article about Frédéric Cailliaud's early 19thC accomplishments as explorer and scientist in Egypt. Saudi-Aramco World

The villa of Kevork Ispenian, Giza, was looted and destroyed despite being on Egypt’s heritage list. Al Ahram Weekly

Via @ArcEgyptologist. A roundup of some of the most notable new Egyptology books from 2012. Amun-Ra Egypt

Book: M.F. Ayad, Coptic Culture: Past, Present and Future, 2011. Papers from a conference.  Bryn Mawr Classical Review

Neal Spencer Neal Spencer ‏@NealSpencer_BM
@susiezgreen launching photography kite above 3200-year old town of Amara West.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Stories from W/E 10th February 2013

Taken from my @egyptologynews Twitter account:

Free online paper: Architectural Conservation of an Amun Temple in Sudan. T. Sweek, J.R. Anderson, S. Tanimoto. JCMS. 
Queen Hatshpsut’s Netery-Menu has been reconstructed at Karnak, open to public by the End of February. Luxor Times
David Lightbody has added a piece about the new find of 35 Sudanese pyramids with inner circles on his Arkysite blog

Osteogenesis imperfecta in skeletal remains of foetus from Romano-Byzantine cemetery, Dakhleh Oasis. Past Horizons

Book Review by Tim Reid: "Eternal Egypt: Masterworks of Ancient Art from the British Museum" E.R. Russmann. Egyptians

The iMalqata dig diary is being updated: "A Celebration Fit for a King: Amenhotep III's Heb Sed festival." iMalqata

Slightly older article, but in case you missed it from 30th Jan: Searching for lost royal city in Nubia. Past Horizons

Temple of Mut dig diary is online for the new season: "Back at Mut – How things have changed!" With pics. Brooklyn Mus.

Proyecto de la UJA en Egipto "peligra" por la supresión de ayuda del Gobierno. Europa Press

Reviews of the British Film Institute's "Digging the Past" in 3 parts:,,

Early Third Intermediate Period tombs with grave goods found at Mortuary temple of Amenhotep II on west bank. Al Shorfa

Lovely review from @egyptologynews of @poisonchallis and I at @bfi having a great deal of fun in the name of research!

30 Jan françois tonic françois tonic ‏@francoistonic
@egyptologynews little news about Karakhamon et South Asasif (in french sorry)

Leiden excavations at Saqqara: Dig diary, week 3: 2nd - 8th February 2013. A Name for the Anonymous

Em Hotep Digest vol. 02 no. 04: Dedicated to Barbara Adams best known from Hierakonpolis Expedition and Petrie Museum

Amara West: The life of a field ceramicist is certainly never dull, though perhaps sometimes repetitive. With photos.

Archeologists excavating near Luxor have found a wooden sarcophagus believed to belong to a 5-yr old. Huffington Post

35 small pyramids, along with graves, have discovered clustered closely together at Sedeinga in Sudan.Yahoo News.

Mini-pyramids of of Kush: Archaeologists discover 35 burial chambers in Sudan desert with fascinating links to Egypt

Ahram Online traces the footsteps of Egyptian and Sudanese history in the capital, Khartoum.

Ancient Rome In Libya: A Suppressed History Resurfaces After Revolution. With photos. IBT

Very short piece about fire breaking out at Karnak Temple. More will doubtless be forthcoming. Al Arabiya