Friday, October 15, 2004

Plans to relocate Temple at Esna
"The Graeco-Roman Temple of Khnum at Esna currently stands below ground level in the centre of the city, where it is subject to daily seepage from wastewater. The Supreme Council of Antiquities has decided to save what remains of the temple from any further damage by dismantling it and relocating it to a more suitable location. The decision as to where exactly it should be relocated has yet to be made." This article is quite a long one and as well a a short description of the temple, discusses the continuity demonstrated by the site between Pharaonic and Christian periods. It also describes some of the impacts of Roman rule on Egypt.

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Anonymous said...

The Temple of Khnum should be preserved at all cost. We visited the temple several years ago. Recently, I was going over our trip material and decided to renew my information, using the internet, on The Temple at Esna. That's where I found the information on plans to move the Temple. Good Luck.

Bonnie Jo Anderson