Wednesday, January 05, 2005

7th Tempeltagung in Belgium this year
From the Leuven website: "Leuven for the 7 th Egyptological Tempeltagung. The theme of this year’s reunion concentrates on the relation between architectural practice and theological theory. The erection of a temple required the commitment of a great number of trades. From the worker in the quarries to the architect on the building site, from the theologian in the House of Life to the engraver on his scaffolding, each of them contributed not only to the construction of a building but also to the structuring of religion. The 7 th Tempeltagung wants to examine the relation between the construction of the building and the construction of theological thought. Where were materials procured, how were they transported and placed in position? Who commissioned and who paid for temple construction? Who made the decisions and who executed them? How is architecture influencing the ritual, how do ritual texts reflect the act of construction? What is the relation between the mythical temple and the actual temple? Can archaeological finds confirm texts like the foundation ritual? What technical and theological considerations lie at the base of the choice of material and of form? These are only some of the question we would like to raise during our meeting. "

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