Friday, January 07, 2005

New Discoveries in Farama Citadel
From the SIS: "While restoring the Farama Citadel in northern Sinai, members of the Supreme Council for Antiquities (SCA) uncovered an Abbasid soldiers' residence and a textile plant for military outfits, along with a mill and water reservoirs. Al-Farama, situated 35 kilometers northeast Qantara Sharq city, was brimming with citadels, fortresses, mosques, monasteries and palaces belonging to Pharaonic, Greek, Coptic and Islamic ages. The newly discovered rooms differ in area and shape; some are 1.80m x 8.10m, others are as large 3.15m x 3.15m. 1.8m-deep underground rooms thought to be used for grain storage were also unearthed. A circular structure made of burnt bricks with some ashes inside has been called an ancient oven. The textile plant was a significant find, said Secretary-General of the SCA, Zahi Hawass. Opposite holes were found in facing walls which were apparently used in fixing wooden bars that functioned as looms."

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