Thursday, April 21, 2005

Glyphdoctors - new website
This is a new website (went live on 1th April 2005) dedicated exclusively to the Ancient Egyptian Language. It has a professional feel to it, is nicely laid out, easy to navigate and has some useful information organized by category, including books (which can be purchased via Amazon in Canada, the US or the UK), and advice on how/if to become an Egyptologist. Some of the sections are not 100% complete, but samples show what they will look like when finished. A news section and a discussion groups are only available by registering with the site,. It promises an attractive programme of online courses future, including an online hieroglyph course, which the site’s owner, PhD candidate Nicole Hansen, claims will be the first of its type to be offered. There are 14 discussion group categories, available by registering.

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