Friday, April 08, 2005

New Museums in Sinai and Faiyum

New Museum for North Sinai
"Al-Arish National Museum for North Sinai history will be opened by the Minister of Culture Farouk Hosni, next month. The museum occupies 2km square and will contain over 300 antiquities taken from eight other national museums, the Head of the Museum Sector, Mahmoud Mabrouk, said". There are a few more lines in the article.

Open Museum in Fayyoum
"The Wadi el-Hitan area in Fayyoum is to be developed into the country's largest open museum for whales and fossils," said the Minister of State for Environmental Affairs, Maged George. He noted that this was part of a larger project to develop Wadi el-Rayan protectorate in order to conserve the environment for both scientific and tourism purposes. The project team consists of experts from Michigan University in the United States, the Egyptian Ministry of Environment, the Geological Survey Authority and Fayyoum Governorate".
This is the entire article from the State Information Service.

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