Monday, June 20, 2005

Another Article about Zahi Hawass,0,7640422.story?coll=cl-home-more-channels
In yet another article focusing on Zahi Hawass, as he attends the opening of the latest leg of the Tutankhamun exhibition, entitled Eternal Egypt Is His Business: "Now, some Westerners are grumbling about his policies — especially in England, where his 2003 call for the return of the iconic Rosetta Stone caused alarm. But many are applauding too. Hawass requires archeologists to concentrate on conserving what they've found, rather than digging for new discoveries. And in a field where some love digging more than writing, he insists that finds be published within five years. Otherwise, permit-holders lose the right to keep digging. The result — less glamour, more desk work, more expense — has not endeared Hawass to everyone, and his outsized ego makes him an easy target. But experts say that speedy publication expands knowledge and that conservation is a must". This is just one paragraph in a much longer feature - see the article for more.

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