Friday, June 17, 2005

Early Egyptian Glass Making
"Experts say they've uncovered one of the earliest glass-making sites in ancient Egypt.
Evidence at the site in the eastern Nile Delta indicates that glass was made out of raw materials there as early as 1250 B-C. Artisans reportedly used finely crushed quartz powder that was melted with other materials inside ceramic crucibles. Those containers were then broken to get the glass out. The glass ingots then would have been sent to other workshops where they were re-melted and worked into objects. Most of this glass was red. The finding adds evidence that primary glass production was carried out at this location. The British and German researchers' findings appear in tomorrow's issue of the journal Science". This is the full article - see the journal Science for more, if you have access to it either online or in the print version. The online version (available by subscription only) is at:
A National Geographic article on the subject, with a photo of a glass mould is at
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