Sunday, June 26, 2005

Journal of African Archaeology - July Issue
I may have announced this before, although I can't locate the posting, but the latest issue of the Journal of African Archaeology, to be released in July, has the following paper about prehistoric Egypt (see the above URL for a full listing of all papers in the July JAA): D. Usai: Early Holocene Seasonal Movements between the Desert and the Nile Valley. Details from the Lithic Industry of some Khartoum Variant and some Nabta/Kiseiba Sites. Also of interest to those interested in the prehistoric occupation of Egypt and the Sahara is the following: R. Castelli, M. Cremaschi, M.C. Gatto, M. Liverani & L. Mori. A Preliminary Report of Excavations in Fewet, Libyan Sahara

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