Friday, June 10, 2005

Leave the mummy's boy alone
An article that challenges the value of the work recently carried out on Tutanhkamun: "It's time to stop tampering with Tut. Let him be. All that scientific effort and ingenuity could go elsewhere. Conjuring useful rain over southern Australia would be a good start. Besides, do we need more relics when our PM is close to 66 and the Rolling Stones have just announced another world tour? And don't forget that everyone's favourite mummy, the Queen, will be here for the Commonwealth Games. No matter how gentle the handling, how white the gloves of the CT technicians, the indignities Tut has endured recently amount to desecration of the dead. I hope that all those responsible have signed Tit For Tut forms authorising scientists 3000 years hence to dig them up, do some slicing and dicing, and hook them up to some whizzbang computer equipment. Let's see how good they look in their close-ups". See the article for more.

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