Monday, June 27, 2005

More on the Mummy Pesed
"Last week, Pesed was taken to College Fields MRI in Neshannock, Lawrence County, for a CT scan, during which computers produced images of half-millimeter-thick slices of her entire body.
The 2,500 images will allow Philadelphia forensic artist Frank Bender to sculpt the bust, a process that could take weeks . . . . Researchers have already pieced together some biographical details about the woman, who was mummified between 300 and 220 B.C. CT scans and X-rays conducted in August 2001 revealed that Pesed was a 55- to 65-year-old woman who had osteoporosis at the time of her death. They also revealed abscesses along her jaw, which could indicate that she had an infection that could have led to malnutrition or death". The scans should reveal more about an amulet hidden under the wrappings. See the article for more.

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