Wednesday, June 29, 2005

“Nefertiti Queen of the Nile” halted due to controversy
This article, posted on the Al Bawaba website is something I haven't seen mentioned anywhere else, but it claims that "Dr. Zahi Hawas, head of the Egyptian Antiquity Commission, has announced that he will not allow the filming of “Nefertiti Queen of the Nile” to commence in Egypt". The film was/is to be based on the Ahmad Othman book "Nefertiti and Akhnaton". According to the article, Dr Hawass's view is that "Othman’s book states that Akhenaton is the prophet Moses (Peace Be Upon Him) and Tahutmus III is the prophet Jacob (Peace Be Upon Him), which if true, would make all Egyptian Pharaohs of Jewish decent. Jewish scholars have used this point to argue that their great ancestors are the roots of the Pharaonic civilization." See the article for more about the controversy and about both the author's and film makers' response to Hawass's statements.

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