Saturday, June 25, 2005

Replica of Tomb of Tuthmosis III

An exact replica of the tomb of Tuthmosis III will form the centrepiece for an exhibition in Edinburgh (UK) entitled Immortal Pharaoh: The Tomb of Tuthmosis III, at the City Arts Centre. "The replica of the burial chamber, the original of which was discovered in 1898 halfway up a cliff-face in the Valley of the Kings, comes from a detailed laser copy made by Madrid-based company Factum Arte. The walls of the chamber contain a complete depiction of the Amduat the oldest Egyptian book of the netherworld which chronicles the pharaoh's 12-hour journey to the afterlife". The exhibition will also contain artefacts from the Museum of Antiquities in Basel in Switzerland and the Kestener Museum in Hanover, which will span the entire history of ancient Egyptian history, and will feature a 30 minute long film showing Dr Eric Hornung. See the article for more.

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