Saturday, June 18, 2005

Tour Egypt - New Blogs Launched
Tour Egypt's featured article today features their new blogs, including this Egyptology News Blog, a Luxor News Blog, a blog about the roll-out of an Egyptian wedding. I agreed to participate by publishing the Egyptology News Blog because I found the whole idea very exciting - it is sometimes difficult to obtain timely or insightful information about Egypt, and the this initiative hopes to aggregate news as a central resource. I have become an avid reader of all the blogs. See the article for more details.
A number of people have asked me about the future of this blog now that I am updating the Tour Egypt blog - just to let you know that this site will definately continue to operate as it always has done. I know that the archives on this site are accessed just as often as the new topics, and it is always useful to have back-up, so so I will continue to run both of the blogs in tandem.

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