Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Tut's bling is the golden ticket this summer
Yet more on the travelling Tutankhamun exhibitions: "Over twice the size of Tut one, this is the first time most of the exhibits 114 treasures have ever left home. Though his celebrated mask remains in Egypt, visitors will cast their eyes on Tutankhamen's golden crown, the gilded wood coffin that held his organs, and the smiling mask of Queen Tuyu, the boy king's great-grandmother. 'What this exhibition does is present material from Tut's tomb. But it also presents material from tombs of pharaohs who preceded him. So you can actually see in a more meaningful context [objects from] the 18th dynasty,' says David Foster, project administrator for the Field Museum".
There are also two videos - one about the touring exhibition, but the other is an MSN video of Kent Weeks giving a guided tour of the tomb of Tutankhamun. Be warned - both of them are preceded by a short video clip of advertising for a breath freshener.

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