Monday, June 13, 2005

Yet another article about Zahi Hawass
In an article entitled The Show-Biz Pharaoh of Egypt's Antiquities, the New York Times looks at some of the controversies surrounding Zahi Hawass, quoting a number of opinions and citing the recent Sunday Times feature. Here's a taster, but go to the two-page article (click for the second page at the bottom of the first page) for the full article: "There is not so much mystery to Dr. Hawass as there is controversy and debate. In the three years he has held his post, Dr. Hawass has upended the established order in Egyptian archaeology, instituting changes in preservation and conservation and securing a law that allowed the Tut treasures to leave the country. But he has stirred up enemies in the process, including opponents at home who consider him too close to the Americans and others in Europe who claim that he is quick to cut down those who cast a shadow over his media dominance".

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